Life in Pictures

One of my personal passions is rescue animals. Volunteering, supporting and taking a lot of photos of them.

Thanks!!! JK! Bridget & Mo!
Oregon, you are beautiful!
Gamla Stan, thank you.
Coco, You inspired me when I was 8 years old.
Dear Old Stockholm, Can you hear the love that I send?
My City by the Bay, was HOME 😦
My rescue baby, Mozart. .He has had a long road to well-ville. He is such a lovely guy!
Monterey welcoming us++++++
Seattle, You are SPECIAL to me.
Beautiful Man, Gorgeous City.
Bridget Jones
Empress You Impress Me.
Truly Beautiful Sisters
J.Lind, this is where WE made it.
SE, You are Beautiful Wisdom! Thanks Taylor, We loved our time with you!
JL$, You know how to Party! xo
Just another Tequila Sunrise with the Original Artist. Thank you Dee, you mean everything to me.
Chanel & A Smile.